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My Research Is Better Than Anything You’ve Seen Before

There are literally hundreds of books on the market which promise to make you a profit by following statistics, and perhaps some of them do actually live up to their hype. For a while at least…. Most of them never live up to the bluster on their back cover. My information does. These stats have consistently harvested big profits since 2003.

And now, for the first time on the flat, I’ve made the fruits of my research available to the public. Anyone and everyone with access to a newspaper and a betting shop, or the internet, now has the ability to generate consistent and reliable returns. Whether you are a racing professional, or have never placed a bet in your life, my guide tells you clearly and specifically how to win at horseracing, time and time and time again.

For every Flat turf course in the UK (except Lingfield and Southwell), there is a section listing which trainers and which races to bet in, and showing the performance of these selections over the last five years. These statistics have recorded

Over £6,500 In Profits Every Year, For The Last FIVE Years!

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Don’t worry if you’ve never placed a bet before, there’s also a Glossary of Terms to explain some of the racing jargon, and for everyone there’s an introduction by the author, explaining how to bet and ways to optimize profits.

I have pulled everything together in an eGuide called Trainer Flat Stats 2008. Inside it, you’ll see there’s no flannel: just a short introduction by me, and then the bookie-bashing stats.

Before I tell you how you can secure your copy of Trainer Flat Stats 2008, take a look for yourself at how the information has performed over the last five years.

Over those five years, you would have won an average £6,558.34 just betting to win at Starting Price (SP) using just £10 stakes. The profit would have been considerably bigger still if you used a betting exchange like Betfair. The tables below give the full rundown of the success story that is Trainer Track Stats.

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