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In January of this year I visited an incredible man who had actually made more than a good living from betting on racehorses all his life. The outcome of this meeting was the publication of a method that took the betting world by storm. William Ball’s Money Vault has transformed many people’s concept of betting and is still making good profits for its users right now. However, we are aware that Mr. Ball’s method does not suit everyone because it involves following the live betting market every day.

I have been in constant contact and collaboration with Bill since February improving and refining a betting system that he has personally used since his semi-retirement from full-time betting. The result is The Money Box – a brilliant new method that he has agreed to release for sale.

His father was a well-known on-course bookmaker for many years in the first half of the last century. Bill worked with his father as a young man and became steeped in the knowledge and quick wit necessary to survive and prosper in such a competitive and speculative business. The ideas contained in the Money Vault were the result of his father’s teaching and understanding of the game. Now in his 80th year Bill has finally ‘hung up his binoculars’ and no longer travels up and down the country in his quest to beat the bookies at their own game. However, he still can’t resist the temptation to relieve them of their cash on a regular basis. On my last visit Bill admitted to me that he really misses the ‘cut and thrust’ of the on-course betting market and finds the idea of placing a couple of bets in the morning – and then forgetting about it until the results come in – a little boring. Well, I don’t know about you, but I can do boring as long as I’m making money!

The Money Box system is far from boring as far as I am concerned and, I feel sure, will suit everyone who simply wants to find selections quickly and easily in the morning – get your bets on and carry on with the rest of your day.

We have seven months verified checkable results recorded since February. These are included with your system in the form of a full horse-by-horse printout of winners and all losers. They show a strike rate of 47.5% – pretty good by anyone’s standards but quite phenomenal when you consider that this includes winning starting prices up to 8/1. The system has made a level stake profit every month from February through to August and, with the use of the recommended staking plan, actually doubled the betting bank seven times in seven months. This is quite unprecedented and probably the best thing I have seen in many a long year.

Bets are found by spending just a few minutes every morning using a daily newspaper and the Racing Post. The number of daily selections can obviously vary from none to several on busy Saturdays but probably averages out at around two a day over the year. And here’s the good news.

Free back-up telephone service for the next 3 months.

This ground-breaking new method is being offered at the very reasonable cost of just £95 – an absolute bargain because it also includes access to a standard rate telephone number for 3 months giving you daily selections by 11-00am each morning. This means that you can check my selections against yours to ensure you are getting it right. Also, if you are a busy person or don’t want to buy the newspapers every day, selections are a quick ‘phone call away and you can always re-subscribe to the line if you wish.

The author has indicated to me that great results can be expected during the winter months for National Hunt and All-Weather racing (our figures, recorded during the early part of this year, concur with this) so now is definitely the time to get involved.

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