Pick winners at the push of a button. Smart Bet Wizard’s

Pick winners at the push of a button. Smart Bet Wizard’s “Selections” hot button links you directly to no cost FREE trials with NO subscription fee’s!

Smart Bet Wizard – How To Bet On Horses & Win Everytime!

Let’s face it, beating the bookie is tough… – It’s a scandal… They collect the money, then drop the odds seconds before the race starts, leaving you and the rest of the punters, out of pocket or short changed… even if you did pick the winner!

Margins are tight enough without giving away your hard earned cash to greedy bookmakers or self appointed guru’s for “insider information” with no proof or guarantee the horse will actually win… It’s easy to run up a £100 phone bill calling a tipster every day for one or two winners a week.

Sound familiar?

Statistically around 30 to 40 percent of all favorites usually win, yet still the bookies rake in more cash than most of the punters put together… they just don’t care if the the favorites win or lose!

What if you could bet like a bookie?

In less than 10 minutes a day this Almost-Magical Software can easily provide you with a full time income starting from scratch… And I’ll Prove it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently unemployed or earn a six figure income, because I’m NOT talking about “lay” betting on losers or arbitrage were you practically have to remortgage your home to see a decent profit…

Introducing… Smart Bet Wizard!

* This system does NOT require you to spend countless hours in front of the TV or a computer waiting for the result of one race before rushing to get on the next with only minutes or seconds between the two.

* You need NO extraordinary skill or previous experience of horse racing, placing bets or picking winners. Whilst this isn’t about dumb luck, the horse you pick is almost irrelevant!

* Forget the next big gamble, odds on favorites or using a daily newspaper you don’t read or have time to collect.

* And you won’t need a huge investment… You could get started raking the sofa for lost change!

* Instantly create a 2nd income In less than 30 minutes a day… Winning just £100 to £150 a week is easily enough to fund a new car. pay your mortgage or take an exotic holiday in the sun, several times a year!

* Use my software to generate any amount from £100 to £1400 a week regardless of whether you carry on working or quit your job… it’s all up to you!

* You can start with small – low risk – bets of just £5 (or less) to always make more money with less cash guaranteed… And I’ll show you exactly how!

* Smart Bet Wizard automatically adjusts everything in your favour using a special scientific formula used by a small handful of professional gamblers to virtually print money on demand!

* Pick winners at the push of a button. Smart Bet Wizard’s “Selections” hot button links you directly to no cost FREE trials with NO subscription fee’s!

* The bets recommend you place with Smart Bet Wizard have been “proofed” and independantly verified in advance of each race starting… by 10:30 each morning!

Frankly picking a winner every race simply becomes irrelevant. you’ll quickly realize it’s easy to double or triple your money with Smart Bet Wizard, time and again.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, Smart Bet Wizard is NOT limited to Internet betting or UK horse racing…

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