DOMINATE Online Poker Tournaments!

Now let me ask you…

How much are winning multi-table tournament strategies worth to you?

Imagine… A poker system that would give you the unfair advantage in multi-table tournaments, the secrets of making more final tables and teach you how to finish in the money on a weekly basis.

Suppose you switch up your style of play, start using my poker strategies and make more cash from online poker tournaments…

It’ll be like having a magic ATM machine that gives you 10x back what you put in!

Now don’t get me wrong, some of the larger tournaments (5000+ players) require more luck than skill but playing the smaller tournaments is like shooting fish in a barrel.

But Creating Winning Poker Strategies Is The Hard Part…

It could take you years and cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars in entry fees to figure out the strategies that win tournaments while others strategies leave you broke.

But instead of spending countless hours testing different strategies trying to discover how to crack the “tournament” code yourself – you can now have it inside a new strategy guide called: The Micon System. Don’t Play Another Tournament Until You Got Your Hand On Proven Winning Strategies!

* Discover the mind set you MUST have – This incredible secret reveals the one truth to winning poker tournaments.

* How to TAKE ADVANTAGE loose-aggressive players – Many times you’ll make the right play and it ends the wrong way with these type players. Over the years I’ve learned how to “cash-in” on these type players. I’ll reveal my

secrets in my system.

* Learn to BULLY A Table the right way! I see it all too often, people bullying the table the wrong way. I’ll explain exactly how and when to bully. This one strategy if used properly will drastically improve your tournament longevity

* Easy-to-understand techniques for using “pot odds”. I see it in tournament after tournament, people using pot odds the wrong way! Learn how and when to use “pot odds” the RIGHT way.

* Little-known known standards of tournament play… I’ll reveal my standards for all situations. These secret standards are the reason I’ve been winning at poker for the past 6 years!

* BIG SLICK, it’s the most over played hand in tournament poker… Many players have no idea how to play AK. I’ll tell you exactly “how to” play this hand the right way.

* 99% of players DON’T know how to manage a bankroll. I’ll show you a simple strategy to get MAXIMUM value from your bankroll.* There’s no secret to coin flips – it’s 50/50 chance. I’ll tell you when to risk gambling with your tournament life. This secret alone will save you tons of

heart ache

* Learn how to prepare for the BIG online tournaments. I’ll let you in on my little-known secrets of how I get in the “winning” mind set.

Plus, lots more..

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