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Poker Psychology Pt 2

There are many fears (discussed in the book), fear of success, fear of failure, fear of losing, fear of winning, fear of the unknown (a biggie), fear of rejection, fear of criticism and others which limit you in playing to the best of your ability.

These fears are insidious, because they lurk in the background just out of your awareness limiting you from attaining your true potential on and off the poker tables.

If you think you don’t have any fears, then let me ask you this – after the flop you make a sizable bet on a semi-bluff with outs lots of outs but just as your rasie hits the table the player to your left goes “all in.” Feel that – that’s what we are talking about here.

As with most players many are aware of some of them, but most of them reside deep in their subconscious just out of their awareness so they are unable to deal with them and eliminate them completely from their sub consciousness.

Fear generates all sort of physiological changes – muscle tension, heart palpitations, butterflies, irregular heart beat, sweat palms, fluttering eyes, dilated pupils, rapid pulse and breathing, panic attacks, nausea, and even scattered, slowed or rapid thinking responses, shakes in the hands, just to name a few.

Fear is actively “on call 24/7” for every hand in the game. It is therefore a major player in and of itself. Avoiding these issues indefinitely would mean resigning yourself to living in fear, missing out the chance to play some of the best poker ever!

What you are about to discover is that all your fears, self-limiting beliefs, mental blocks and whatever is holding you back from playing fearless poker, can be eliminated instantly and permanently without having to re-experience the fears, developing coping skills, learning new behaviors, mental conditioning, brain washing or through a long drawn out process.

You will be guided through a step-by-step process that will enable you to treat any performance problems or mental barriers allowing you to play fearless poker, without having to analyze and/or discuss every piece of your problem. That’s a wonderful departure from the conventional methods in use today.

The Ultimate Guide to Poker Psychology is NOT a book about poker strategies, identifying tells or picking up clues or identifying personality traits, poker principles, playing styles etc.

In this no-nonsense practical guide, you will learn everything you need to know to help you neutralize and eliminiate your fears and anxieties, even if you are aware of them or not.

Poker Psychology

The Ultimate Guide to Poker Psychology

Consistant Winning Poker

It’s been said, “Poker is a hard way to make an easy living.” Then why is it so hard to make an “easy” living playing poker? Why is it, no matter how skilled you are or how much you practice your poker skills, you can’t seem to make a comfortable living playing poker?

In any sports, business or personal arena there is one emotion/feeling most counterproductive to the serious poker player – that is fear. It is the greatest barrier to playing consistant winning poker. I am afraid it’s true.

And that’s one of the main reasons that poker is a “hard way to make an easy living,” for many poker players. However, it can be easy – a lot easier than you think.

According to Howard Lederer, “Staying in the moment – in the present – staying neutral no matter what is happening around you is the path to poker mastery.” If that is true then how is it possible to think only about the current hand when you have made bad plays and taken bad beats only minutes before?

How is it possible to stay mindful of only the current hand when if you win this tournament it might change your life? Or beating yourself up over a bad play serves no purpose other than keeping you in the past instead of the present.

It’s because most poker players have overlooked one of the most fundemental aspects of the game – the mental side of the game. Many think that practicing hard on their poker skills would give them the mental edge.

What separates the “winning” poker player from the “losing” player is not skill, but how much time they have spent on the mental side of their game.

You’ve seen this played out on TV.

And you ask the question, “what were they thinking,” or “why did he do that.” Blowing the chip lead in one or two mediocre hands or out and out making bad play’s which even an amateur wouldn’t have made!

You are about to discover step-by-step how to neutralize and eliminate your fears and anxieties.,

You’ll have the ability to, “Stay in the moment – in the present – staying neutral no matter what is happening around you is the path to poker mastery.”

And making a living playing poker will be easy – really easy.

Fear leads the list of negative emotions/feelings. And anxiety is our natural alarm clock that calls our first line of defense from rest into action, anytime it perceives a demand of any kind, and all of that happens instantaneously, without assigning judgment and without our conscious permission.

The problem with fear, of course, is pretty obvious. It paralyzes us. It controls us. It stops us from taking action. Even worse, fear can goad us into feeling a need to prove something, either to ourselves or to another player, at exactly the wrong (and most expensive) moment. Without a concious thought from us.

DOMINATE Online Poker Tournaments!

DOMINATE Online Poker Tournaments!

Now let me ask you…

How much are winning multi-table tournament strategies worth to you?

Imagine… A poker system that would give you the unfair advantage in multi-table tournaments, the secrets of making more final tables and teach you how to finish in the money on a weekly basis.

Suppose you switch up your style of play, start using my poker strategies and make more cash from online poker tournaments…

It’ll be like having a magic ATM machine that gives you 10x back what you put in!

Now don’t get me wrong, some of the larger tournaments (5000+ players) require more luck than skill but playing the smaller tournaments is like shooting fish in a barrel.

But Creating Winning Poker Strategies Is The Hard Part…

It could take you years and cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars in entry fees to figure out the strategies that win tournaments while others strategies leave you broke.

But instead of spending countless hours testing different strategies trying to discover how to crack the “tournament” code yourself – you can now have it inside a new strategy guide called: The Micon System. Don’t Play Another Tournament Until You Got Your Hand On Proven Winning Strategies!

* Discover the mind set you MUST have – This incredible secret reveals the one truth to winning poker tournaments.

* How to TAKE ADVANTAGE loose-aggressive players – Many times you’ll make the right play and it ends the wrong way with these type players. Over the years I’ve learned how to “cash-in” on these type players. I’ll reveal my

secrets in my system.

* Learn to BULLY A Table the right way! I see it all too often, people bullying the table the wrong way. I’ll explain exactly how and when to bully. This one strategy if used properly will drastically improve your tournament longevity

* Easy-to-understand techniques for using “pot odds”. I see it in tournament after tournament, people using pot odds the wrong way! Learn how and when to use “pot odds” the RIGHT way.

* Little-known known standards of tournament play… I’ll reveal my standards for all situations. These secret standards are the reason I’ve been winning at poker for the past 6 years!

* BIG SLICK, it’s the most over played hand in tournament poker… Many players have no idea how to play AK. I’ll tell you exactly “how to” play this hand the right way.

* 99% of players DON’T know how to manage a bankroll. I’ll show you a simple strategy to get MAXIMUM value from your bankroll.* There’s no secret to coin flips – it’s 50/50 chance. I’ll tell you when to risk gambling with your tournament life. This secret alone will save you tons of

heart ache

* Learn how to prepare for the BIG online tournaments. I’ll let you in on my little-known secrets of how I get in the “winning” mind set.

Plus, lots more..

The Betting Prodigy

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to discover inside ‘The Betting Prodigy’:

There is an ultra-effective Horse Backing strategies in “The Betting Prodigy System”. Two of the most powerful punting techniques and tactics you’ve ever seen. Very simply, yet very effective… because it works so well.

You don’t need any special software, and you don’t need any experience. If you can brush your hair, scratching an itch, or draw a straight line…. you can learn this FAST.

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Understand this… These are real-world betting skills… it’s nothing fancy, nothing difficult, nothing complex… but it’s all powerful… downright nasty… and it’s EXACTLY what you need to rocket your profits into overdrive.

You will be among the very first (and probably ONLY) outside the tight-knit circle of professional punters… ever allowed to learn these systems and use them to consistently rake in the cash.

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These punting tactics are different than anything you’ve seen in hundreds of old tired Betting ebooks. This is what the pros use… when their money’s on the line.

And they don’t bet like everyone else. They use simpler… some might say deceptively simple… but amazingly effective new techniques.

You’re not going to be chained to your computer with your eyes glued to the monitor for 18 hours a day. After all, the point of making all this money is to enjoy it!
5 Minute Horse Racing System
Visit: 5 Minute Racing System

By The Editor

Here’s a harsh fact: 95% of People who bet on Horses Lose… This May Surprise You – but if you don’t know how to analyze charts, workout times, past performances, understand the conditions of the track, and have a lot of time to review this information then you’re wasting your money, it’s very unlikely you’ll make any money at the track unless you have a proven system that works.

The 5 Minute Horse Racing System will teach you how to pick winners on every race, anyone that does that isn’t worth listening to. However if you’re looking for a simple system that will start making you money today.

Over 90% of the time the system produced horses that where in the money.

Now you may be wondering – Is this system designed to just pick the favorites in every race? The answer is flat out NO! This system works to determine a number that you will compare with every other horse in the race. When you find the horses that match up to the top numbers you will find the horse that will be in the money.

You will know from following the step-by-step information if your horse will be in the money regardless of experience level, how much information you know about the horse, trainer, or jockey. The system has been proven to work over and over again, 9 out of 10 Races you will be collecting money.

The Amazing thing, of course, is the speed at which this program works. It is rather remarkable to be able to pick a horse that will be in the money over 90 percent of the time, within minutes.

Try the system for yourself! It Works! – Why Are You spending all day studying the racing form?

The Money Box

The Money Box – SportsWorld Publishing

In January of this year I visited an incredible man who had actually made more than a good living from betting on racehorses all his life. The outcome of this meeting was the publication of a method that took the betting world by storm. William Ball’s Money Vault has transformed many people’s concept of betting and is still making good profits for its users right now. However, we are aware that Mr. Ball’s method does not suit everyone because it involves following the live betting market every day.

I have been in constant contact and collaboration with Bill since February improving and refining a betting system that he has personally used since his semi-retirement from full-time betting. The result is The Money Box – a brilliant new method that he has agreed to release for sale.

His father was a well-known on-course bookmaker for many years in the first half of the last century. Bill worked with his father as a young man and became steeped in the knowledge and quick wit necessary to survive and prosper in such a competitive and speculative business. The ideas contained in the Money Vault were the result of his father’s teaching and understanding of the game. Now in his 80th year Bill has finally ‘hung up his binoculars’ and no longer travels up and down the country in his quest to beat the bookies at their own game. However, he still can’t resist the temptation to relieve them of their cash on a regular basis. On my last visit Bill admitted to me that he really misses the ‘cut and thrust’ of the on-course betting market and finds the idea of placing a couple of bets in the morning – and then forgetting about it until the results come in – a little boring. Well, I don’t know about you, but I can do boring as long as I’m making money!

The Money Box system is far from boring as far as I am concerned and, I feel sure, will suit everyone who simply wants to find selections quickly and easily in the morning – get your bets on and carry on with the rest of your day.

We have seven months verified checkable results recorded since February. These are included with your system in the form of a full horse-by-horse printout of winners and all losers. They show a strike rate of 47.5% – pretty good by anyone’s standards but quite phenomenal when you consider that this includes winning starting prices up to 8/1. The system has made a level stake profit every month from February through to August and, with the use of the recommended staking plan, actually doubled the betting bank seven times in seven months. This is quite unprecedented and probably the best thing I have seen in many a long year.

Bets are found by spending just a few minutes every morning using a daily newspaper and the Racing Post. The number of daily selections can obviously vary from none to several on busy Saturdays but probably averages out at around two a day over the year. And here’s the good news.

Free back-up telephone service for the next 3 months.

This ground-breaking new method is being offered at the very reasonable cost of just £95 – an absolute bargain because it also includes access to a standard rate telephone number for 3 months giving you daily selections by 11-00am each morning. This means that you can check my selections against yours to ensure you are getting it right. Also, if you are a busy person or don’t want to buy the newspapers every day, selections are a quick ‘phone call away and you can always re-subscribe to the line if you wish.

The author has indicated to me that great results can be expected during the winter months for National Hunt and All-Weather racing (our figures, recorded during the early part of this year, concur with this) so now is definitely the time to get involved.

Smart Bet Wizards

Pick winners at the push of a button. Smart Bet Wizard’s

Pick winners at the push of a button. Smart Bet Wizard’s “Selections” hot button links you directly to no cost FREE trials with NO subscription fee’s!

Smart Bet Wizard – How To Bet On Horses & Win Everytime!

Let’s face it, beating the bookie is tough… – It’s a scandal… They collect the money, then drop the odds seconds before the race starts, leaving you and the rest of the punters, out of pocket or short changed… even if you did pick the winner!

Margins are tight enough without giving away your hard earned cash to greedy bookmakers or self appointed guru’s for “insider information” with no proof or guarantee the horse will actually win… It’s easy to run up a £100 phone bill calling a tipster every day for one or two winners a week.

Sound familiar?

Statistically around 30 to 40 percent of all favorites usually win, yet still the bookies rake in more cash than most of the punters put together… they just don’t care if the the favorites win or lose!

What if you could bet like a bookie?

In less than 10 minutes a day this Almost-Magical Software can easily provide you with a full time income starting from scratch… And I’ll Prove it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently unemployed or earn a six figure income, because I’m NOT talking about “lay” betting on losers or arbitrage were you practically have to remortgage your home to see a decent profit…

Introducing… Smart Bet Wizard!

* This system does NOT require you to spend countless hours in front of the TV or a computer waiting for the result of one race before rushing to get on the next with only minutes or seconds between the two.

* You need NO extraordinary skill or previous experience of horse racing, placing bets or picking winners. Whilst this isn’t about dumb luck, the horse you pick is almost irrelevant!

* Forget the next big gamble, odds on favorites or using a daily newspaper you don’t read or have time to collect.

* And you won’t need a huge investment… You could get started raking the sofa for lost change!

* Instantly create a 2nd income In less than 30 minutes a day… Winning just £100 to £150 a week is easily enough to fund a new car. pay your mortgage or take an exotic holiday in the sun, several times a year!

* Use my software to generate any amount from £100 to £1400 a week regardless of whether you carry on working or quit your job… it’s all up to you!

* You can start with small – low risk – bets of just £5 (or less) to always make more money with less cash guaranteed… And I’ll show you exactly how!

* Smart Bet Wizard automatically adjusts everything in your favour using a special scientific formula used by a small handful of professional gamblers to virtually print money on demand!

* Pick winners at the push of a button. Smart Bet Wizard’s “Selections” hot button links you directly to no cost FREE trials with NO subscription fee’s!

* The bets recommend you place with Smart Bet Wizard have been “proofed” and independantly verified in advance of each race starting… by 10:30 each morning!

Frankly picking a winner every race simply becomes irrelevant. you’ll quickly realize it’s easy to double or triple your money with Smart Bet Wizard, time and again.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, Smart Bet Wizard is NOT limited to Internet betting or UK horse racing…

Trainer Flat Stats

Trainer Flat Stats

My Research Is Better Than Anything You’ve Seen Before

There are literally hundreds of books on the market which promise to make you a profit by following statistics, and perhaps some of them do actually live up to their hype. For a while at least…. Most of them never live up to the bluster on their back cover. My information does. These stats have consistently harvested big profits since 2003.

And now, for the first time on the flat, I’ve made the fruits of my research available to the public. Anyone and everyone with access to a newspaper and a betting shop, or the internet, now has the ability to generate consistent and reliable returns. Whether you are a racing professional, or have never placed a bet in your life, my guide tells you clearly and specifically how to win at horseracing, time and time and time again.

For every Flat turf course in the UK (except Lingfield and Southwell), there is a section listing which trainers and which races to bet in, and showing the performance of these selections over the last five years. These statistics have recorded

Over £6,500 In Profits Every Year, For The Last FIVE Years!

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Don’t worry if you’ve never placed a bet before, there’s also a Glossary of Terms to explain some of the racing jargon, and for everyone there’s an introduction by the author, explaining how to bet and ways to optimize profits.

I have pulled everything together in an eGuide called Trainer Flat Stats 2008. Inside it, you’ll see there’s no flannel: just a short introduction by me, and then the bookie-bashing stats.

Before I tell you how you can secure your copy of Trainer Flat Stats 2008, take a look for yourself at how the information has performed over the last five years.

Over those five years, you would have won an average £6,558.34 just betting to win at Starting Price (SP) using just £10 stakes. The profit would have been considerably bigger still if you used a betting exchange like Betfair. The tables below give the full rundown of the success story that is Trainer Track Stats.