“… Do you know why 98% of Betfair Punters are running

at a loss? It’s a simple fact… a fact which the RSM exposes…”

Let me tell you why punters on Betfair are losing… a small “tip” which you may take to heart. They DON’T bet at the correct odds! A horse at 2.0 has a 50% chance of winning its race right? Betfair punters will accept that type of bet at lower odds, causing that small percentage to take the bigger odds and make constant profit!

I don’t think I’ll ever forget what it was like to be part of that majority group of punters. Losing money on a daily basis back in the day. Constantly having to deposit money… trying new systems and failing. These are all memories. Using the Racing Stock Market Loophole, it’ll just be a memory for you too as you begin to rake in that extra £92.44 or maybe the extra £166.91 on a daily basis.

Back in the day, I knew I was one of those guys who SHOULD be making countless profits everyday. I knew there was an easier way. Recently that distant memory of constant losing… all changed for the better, when the Racing Stock Market System suddenly hit me. The loophole, as I mentioned, sitting there on Betfair, waiting for the smart punters like me to just swoop in and lap up the cash!

“… The Betfair SP – gives us that loophole, for us to expose every single day…”

The system is based on the British Horse Racing markets on Betfair. After weeks of tinkering, I finally unleashed the system capable of big profits. On my first day, I made a total of £83.23 to be exact. My bank used was roughly £500 only. That to make £83.23!

Using this “Loophole” on Betfair, I have then been able to constantly grab an extra income every single day that I used the system. I guarantee as you’re reading this right now, you’re probably trying to figure out just what this so called “loophole” is… And in just a few minutes time, you will find out.